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Real Estate Inspections
There's a saying among pest control professionals: There are two types of houses. Ones that have had termites
and those that will. This is a bit of exaggeration and there are many precautionary measures that new
homeowners can take to prevent termites from infesting their house.

There's a belief that brick houses or houses with concrete slabs are termite-resistant; unfortunately this is not
the case - no house is safe from termites. Termites will build mud tubes in order to cross concrete, brick, cinder
block, metal termite shields, pre-treated wood or any barrier other than a professionally applied termite
treatment solution. Since termites have a low tolerance to air and light and they need moisture they live
underground and will attack your house from below. All they need is a loose mortar joint, a settlement crack in
the slab to gain an entry.

You need to have a throughout inspection done on your house because even if you don't notice any termite
damage they may still be around. For example, when a colony of termites swarms, the winged termites are in
the air for short time and you may simply miss them. The insects also eat wood from the inside out and only a
professional will be able to detect their activity.

All inspections include a written report including a NEPMA form 33 required by many mortgage companies
including almost all FHA/VA loans. (FHA and VA home loans require the buyer to contract a licensed
professional for a home inspection prior to the issuing of the loan.)

During your inspection all accessible areas are thoroughly inspected from the basement to the attic. We will also
inspect any unattached buildings on the property such as barns, garages and sheds. We inspect for all WDI's
(wood destroying insects) as well as any other pest control problems such as mice, rats, wasps, beetles etc.  
We also try and provide advice on any changes that may need to be made to prevent any future problems. Most
inspections take between an hour to and hour and a half depending on the size of the home. If any problems are
found free quotes can be provided at the time of inspection.

We also have many sellers agents who have their clients contact us prior to putting their homes on the market to
avoid any last minute pest control surprises that can sometimes cause a sale to fall through.
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