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Graves Pest Control is a full service pest control company practicing  IPM (integrated pest management).
The following recommendations are intended to help homeowners minimize the risk of insect and rodent
infestation and reduce the need for pesticide use in the home. Following these recommendations will also
help necessary treatments work quicker, more effectively and with longer lasting results. Even with an
ongoing pest control program it is necessary to eliminate conducive conditions to increase the effectiveness
and longevity of treatments and reduce the likely hood of future and ongoing infestations.

General Recommendations

We recommend keeping mulch pulled back from foundation at least 24 inches. Mulch holds moisture,
provides insect harborage, and increases the need for pesticide use.  Crushed stone is a great substitute
around the exterior against the foundation.  

Avoid wood to soil/earth contact. Termites forage along the top 8 inches of soil looking for a food source. The
closer the wood is to the ground the more likely a home is to be attacked by termites. Avoid wood piles,
landscaping timbers, planters, whiskey barrels, and similar items. The more foundation showing in
between the first layer of shingles and the soil the better. A minimum of 8 inches is recommended.

Keep gutters and down spouts in good working order to keep water running as far away from the home as
possible. The grade around the home should direct water as far away from the foundation as possible.
Keep trees, shrubs, and ivy trimmed back from the home. Carpenter Ants (which feed on the honeydew
produced by aphids living on trees, tree sap and plant juices) are notorious for nesting in wood near areas
of the home that are overgrown. Leaving trees against the home also leads to moisture problems, an
attraction for almost all insects.

Seal all holes larger than ¼ inch to prevent mouse entry. Concrete and steel wool are effective for sealing
smaller cracks and holes. Common entry points include voids around pipes, basement windows,
bulkheads and cracks in foundations. Installing weather stripping around garage doors is often needed to
create a  good seal.
IPM Tips
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